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The gorgeous Miss Brooklyn Chase teaches you how to properly fuck like a pornstar

Be mindful! Today's teacher in your class is none other than Brooklyn Chase. That's the one with the enormous tits, yes! Which leads straight into her day's lesson on how to fuck a pornstar! Ms. Chase is your instructor, so she will teach you how to fuck a pornstar, that much is certain. And this is a practical lesson, a kind of VR porn practicum. Start by turning on your virtual reality headset and get ready for a novel experience for your penis. Pushing home the points that you're going to "fuck" and not "make love," that you're going to suck on her "tits," not her "boobies," and that Brooklyn is going to suck your "hard cock," not your penis, you're in the front of the classroom, right where she can see you and touch you. With the assistance of an actual pornstar, you will learn how to spank, pull hair, deepthroat, and gag, to name just a few behaviors. However, you'll have to pay attention and focus. These are abilities that you won't wish to overlook!

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