You swing by your friend's house to give Becky Bandini, your friend's mother, some freshly picked tomatoes. You visit Becky, and she really has feelings for you, so she likes it when you do. Now that her husband and son are gone, she can't resist giving you the runaround the house.

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MILF goddess Ava Addams gives you a spooktacular, or shall we say boobtacular, experience as a special Halloween Treat
Cum on tits
Celebrate Halloween with your hottie Ava Addams, but you're too distracted to prepare. Ava tries to distract you from the scary movie, but a deadly clown appears behind her. Ava uses her tits to distract you, and she's aware of the perfect moment to suck your dick into her mouth. Despite the Halloween atmosphere, Ava doesn't hold back when it comes to your boner.