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Veteran's Day

Are there any fans of the army here? More especially, the lovers of the American army. As the ever-expanding family of VR Bangers' fans and members, we are aware of the many patriots among us. For this reason, we occasionally like to commemorate all these special army-related dates to let you know that we do remember our warriors and that we do know how to thank them. If you have been following VRB's activities for some time, you have undoubtedly heard about our special initiative for veterans in the United States. While we aren't doing any socially conscious campaigns this time, we have chosen to celebrate the most recent Veterans Day by releasing an incredible cumshot VR porn movie on! In our latest blonde VR porn video, Veterans Day, you'll get to join forces with Kayley Gunner, one of the sexiest golden-haired VR porn stars! The girl who has gained widespread recognition from her fans for being a true patriot and lover of supporting her troops will now star in our newest virtual reality porn sex experience designed specifically for veterans. In it, she will allow you to fuck her really hard, ensuring that you will never forget the time you spent serving together under the American flag. Put on your VR goggles and watch it all in up to 6K UHD 3D VR right now! She will accomplish that while "bonding" with you even more via her juicy pussy!

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