Tie The Knot

BaDoinkVR.com January 7th, 2019

" Time to start thinking about tying the knot. In fact, she feels the moxie - nay, the duty, to keep things undefiled, and there's nothing she can do to revive that. If there's one thing that she hates in life, it's dullness and repetition. Lindsey has never looked so carnal, and when she asks you to tie her up and use her for nothing but your pleasure, you think "this girl could be the one. Today, this nubile flagrant blonde is invested out in a sexy latex outfit and she's begging you to join her on the boulevard of a playact, disfranchisement, and ego-discovery. Homeostasis is a dirty word to her. Your girlfriend Lindsey has always been a hot little tamale.

Featuring: Lindsey Cruz

Categories: Boy Girl