The Last Day October 18th, 2022

Sasha Rose is one of those big-tit hotties that can turn you on with just a quick look and a wry smile. Today, she's taking a shower and starting to get horny as fuck with the water hitting her sexy naked body. As she plays with herself, she realizes something - it feels so much better to cum with someone else than to do it alone. So, with her pussy throbbing and aching for pleasure, she comes over to see if you want to fuck her brains out. It doesn't take much convincing, but Sasha decides to strip in front of you, just in case you're not 100 percent sure. Her warmed-up pussy feels so good wrapped around your cock that it takes everything not to cum immediately. But, when you finally do, you both cum together in spectacular fashion. What a scene!

Featuring: Brian Ragnastone and Sasha Rose

Categories: Milf, Shaved Pussy and Boy Girl