Sinn and Wisdom part II March 13th, 2023

You'd think after a full session of hardcore sub-training, Kimber Woods would have learned her lesson. No apprehension, no complaints, just following orders - that's all there's room for here. Well, thank goodness her strict, yet fair mentor, Sinn Sage is back in the mix. Sinn is ready to show Kimber the true meaning of the word slut. Within no time at all Sinn will be using Kimber's slutty little mouth to encapsulate your entire cock. You'll watch Kimber ride you as she's bound and flogged and Sinn verbally degrades her for being the cock-hungry whore that she is. When you finally cum, Kimber will be between your legs, eagerly slurping up your cum in a desperate bid to please her mistress. Second time is a charm, right?

Featuring: Sinn Sage and Kimber Woods

Categories: Boy Girl