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One Year Later

You went out with your buddies on a Thursday night for an amazing night a year ago today. Ironically, you either wind up getting laid or overdoing it to the point where you wake up in your neighbor's shed wearing a tuxedo every time you go out for a "epic night" or hear that word spoken. Following your split with your pals, you found solace in Nia's company—a delightfully natural caramel ass. Before you knew it, you had brought her back to your house with the explicit knowledge that it was a one-time event. One thing led to another. Luckily for you, though, she fell in love with you the moment your dick touched her lovely, juicy pussy. Nia has had orgasm after orgasm, sucking your dick or using it as her own personal toy, without missing a day. The two of you are still overjoyed a year later. Certain things were simply meant to be.

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