Naughty Colombian June 23rd, 2019

Some girls need their hands held... some girls need to be told exactly how to please a man, what to lick, touch, or stroke. But Andreina Deluxe is NOT that girl! Your horny Columbian girlfriend is all too happy to show YOU what a girl should be capable of. She'll drop to her knees before you even ask, eagerly taking your cock into her wet mouth like she's been waiting for it all her life. She'll ride you cowgirl, spread her legs in missionary... and the action won't stop there! Even her HAIR gets in into the action as she wraps it around your cock stroke you while her tongue works feverishly on the head of your cock. Now why didn't your last girlfriend think of that?! Join SexBabesVR for some the wildest Latina action in ultra-high resolution and immersive virtual reality - your real life girlfriend will never measure up again!

Featuring: Andreina de Luxe

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