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Jet Lag Slag

If Jack doesn't have any fun, he becomes a dull boy. In any case, that's what they say. It seems like work has been increasing lately. Your business vacation to Vegas left you very exhausted. You deserve some rest and relaxation now that you're at last at home. Fortunately for you, your main squeeze, Kayla has stopped by to ease some of your stress. All you need to do is unwind; Ms. Paris will handle everything else. Usually, after returning from a work trip, you eat three servings of General Tsao's chicken and spend the next fourteen hours unconscious, which just serves to prolong your jet lag. Not today, though. Spend an additional forty-five minutes at night with Kayla, observing her flawless tits twitch while she gives you a thrilling orgasm-inducing ride. Make it happen, then go get some sleep for the love of God, because this cum-hungry slut needs your load shot across her body.

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