Get Lucky June 20th, 2022

First she gets to her feet and peels off her dress in a slow striptease that reveals her cute lingerie beneath. She explores every amble of her rugged treat with her hot little hands and wet mouth. Thrusting up into her hot twat, he lets her moans of delight guide the depth and pace of their horizontal tango. Grab your Meta Quest 2, Oculus Go, or Valve Index and fuck Lucky Bee in 7K 180-cut covert reality only on 18VR. ​​ You'll be worshiping every part of Lucky Bee's body and thanking her for every lick she gives you. She pulls his cock out of his pants as she sinks to a crouch. He dives deep, giving her every inch of his love as she squirms and mewls in delight. He spoons behind her and guides himself back into that creamy sheath. It's you! Lucky Bee may look young, shy, and innocent, but as immediately as those zippers start coming undone, the inner mate demon in her gets so worked up that her kit begs for some wicked attention. Rolling her onto her hands and knees, he sinks balls foxy into that lush paradise to take their loving to a new level. His grip slide lower to Freya's ass, encouraging her to turn around and go back to piece riding him in reverse cowgirl. On her back with her talented fingers rubbing her clit, she opens her thighs for him to ram back core in one last position. Who's up to get lucky today? He gets her on her back on the couch so that he can spread her thighs and indulge himself in the sweet musk of her juices. She sucks their combined juices from his load as she rolls him onto his back so she can mount him in reverse cowgirl.

Featuring: Lucky Bee

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