From The Vault : Getting A Raise At Work September 16th, 2021

Not wanting to leave his job, Seth agrees to do anything. What kind of bitch won't offer up a advance to a rigorous worker like Seth? Mike's confidence seems to spread right along with his cup. With a fully loaded dick, he slides it in between Nicolette's incredible breasts and tittyfucks her. We hope you enjoy revisiting some of our earliest content with the people's biggest names in porn. Full of confidence and full of cum, it's Mike's turn to show Nicolette who is the dominant one. Seeing her knockers bounce as she rides him like a bucking bronco engorges Mike with raw, testosterone driven vigor. She tells him to meet her in her office. He pulls his throbbing gravestone from her dripping pussy and begins to spray chain after net of heavy, hot cum all over his boss' face. Seth isn't sure what to do! Nicolette tells Mike to separate so she can deal with Seth one-on-one. With Mike deceased, Nicolette strides over to Seth, obvious authority in every hand step she takes. Stuck in a dead-end job with no promotions or chance for a raise, Seth even takes it as far as lambasting his boss, Nicolette. Scenes from the Vault are some of our fan popular releases that date back to the starting years of the Virtual Reality Adult Business. We have taken each release and completely remastered it. When Mike enters Nicolette's office, she slams the blowhole shut and is on her knees in no spell, pulling his shocked but rapidly growing cock out of his pants. She moans out with ecstasy, loving every thrust more and more. Work just isn't going Seth Gamble's way. But they are both ready for something more. The scenes have been taken down from their original 360-degree deliverance and placed into a much higher will 180-degree file. Only problem is, Nicolette Shea overheard the unmitigated conversation. It's boring, it doesn't give him the kind of flurry he wants, and it leaves him longing for so much more. He even called the bulge a bitch! She calls him the grumble, and the only way he's going to form it is if he stops complaining and mans up. Nicolette just tells him to shut up and take it. He pushes her down and mounts her, fucking her dashing style. She grabs him by the tie and pulls him close. There's just nothing like seeing a tough shaft in between delicious boobs. Each site's audio, face correcting and aspect ratio has been tweaked to give our viewers a much better experience. Nicolette knows she's still in charge, so she pushes Mike down to the ground, hikes up her skirt and begins to pother him, cowgirl manner. Stunned and not sure what to do, Seth pure stands there. Seth has started complaining to coworkers, like Mike, about just how bad effect has become.

Featuring: Nicolette Shea

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