[For Women] There's A First Time For Everything - Naughty Lesbian VR Fuck

VRPorn.com October 21st, 2019

Ella is so excited to finally go out with her girlfriend, Karlee Grey. It has been far too long since she has been able to get out, let loose and just have some fun. She showers her delicious body and steps out, covering herself in a towel. Karlee is in the tub, washing herself. With her towel on, Ella starts to apply makeup. Needing both of her hands, she leans in, only to let the towel fall. At first, Ella is a bit embarrassed. She's never really been naked in front of other girls before. Karlee is impressed. She comments on how great Ella's body is. Karlee tells Ella that she's one of the first girls to ever get a good look at her naked. How could such a hot and sexy girl never be in front of other naked girls before? It's time to change that! Karlee climbs out of the tub, showing off her own naked body. Ella isn't nervous any longer. In fact, she's excited and a bit turned on. Ella goes in for a kiss. It's sweet and soft. So much different than kissing a guy. She likes it and she wants more. Karlee takes Ella by the hand and leads her into the bedroom. What they are going to be doing needs a softer surface. Karlee knows that if Ella likes being kissed by a girl, she'd love having a girl go down on her. She pushes her to the bed and shows Ella exactly why girls give the best head. They just know where to touch and what feels the best. Ella doesn't know what to do. This is completely rocking her world. She didn't know it could feel this good! Karlee has only just begun showing Ella what lesbian fucking is like. Now it is time to teach her girlfriend how to eat pussy and share the sweet cum afterwards.

Featuring: Karlee Grey and Ella Knox

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