Dicklaration of Independence

BaDoinkVR.com July 4th, 2019

It doesn't take extended before she whips her tits out and suggests sucking your dick. Well, it's your duty to panegyrize Independence Day properly. You're throwing a pool party to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence but the only person who has demonstrated up so far, is your pal, Jill Kassidy. You can't turn that down, can you? Go ahead and fuck Jill until you're ready to fill her pussycat with your hot cum. Might as well call yourself John Hardcock. You do consider yourself a guerilla, don't you? After playing around with some firecrackers, you and Jill both realize that you've got some serious time to kill. It's time to dicklare this the outmaneuver July Fourth ever, only instead of ink, you'll use your jizz.

Featuring: Jill Kassidy

Categories: Boy Girl