Dark Temple - Sexy Lea Lexis

VRPorn.com June 30th, 2019

Torchlight plays off of the inscribed pillars as you walk through this gorgeous temple. You almost feel hypnotized by the intricate patterns that line every surface, dizzy as the pillars shift around you… or maybe you feel this way because The Priestess has arrived. Lea Lexis floats to you in all her dark, beautiful glory, ready to take your offering to her dark Goddess. Let her take control and feel the breadth of her power as she practically drains your life essence through your cock. She’ll bend over the altar for you, more than happy to take your worship. From the beautiful scenes to the beautiful woman before you, you’ll be praying for more as you experience the sexy fun of “Dark Temple.” Why does it seem like the evil characters in movies are always the hottest? The people who are cast to play them are fierce, and they are just so confident in what they want. Lea Lexis loves her dark temple and knows what she wants as well. She wants sex, and she wants it with you. In terms of porn watching, the top 3D movies, the most popular ones, are filmed with experienced crews, the top VR filming equipment, and the best pornstars ever. Evil Eye VR is proud to present this selection, which, like all Evil Eye VR porn films, are filmed with the most talented crew, the best VR filming equipment, and of course the most amazing pornstars on the planet. The movies here are presented to you in 60 fps, and they all have binaural sound. Even better, they are films that you can explore 360 degrees, being able to take in the scenery, which helps make this the most realistic VR porn company out there.

Featuring: Lea Lexis

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