Cruel Cocoon November 11th, 2019

Grab your VR headset and go slip into that sublimely murderous grub. The possibilities are perpetual with a human cumdumpster such as yourself. What is she gonna do with you today? Next, worship those shining latex feet, belt them before she locks you into a plastic cocoon. Luckily, Arabelle wore her beautiful cricket liquor outfit. Arabelle is playing with her favorite useless piece of furniture today - that's you of course, her personal mate toy, her very own stepping stool. She wants to slide herself over your wet skin. Arabelle thinks you deserve to be trapped like the twopenny cock-filly you are, so you recollect where you belong. A kind little tease, so you can feel everything and yet never be assured.

Featuring: Arabelle Raphael

Categories: Bondage and Boy Girl