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Bunny's B & B

Even though you are aware that it is foolish to wait until the last minute to hunt for lodging, particularly in a large city like Los Angeles, you don't seem to learn from your mistakes. You've got yourself a B & B because almost all of the hotels downtown were completely booked. You'll take it even if it might cost $500 per night because, well, that's your only alternative. Bunny, your host, greeted you with a smile and an excessively friendly hug when you arrived. Not too awful. Bunny is keen to show you the city, even if all you're doing in Los Angeles is unwinding and getting away from your family. This morning, you would have preferred to stay in bed, but your intrusive host is pressuring you to get out of bed. Allow this curvaceous beauty to inspire you with her blowout, cowgirl, and facial.

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