Are You Working Or Spying On Me? August 30th, 2019

It is all but impossible to work when you have a woman as beautiful as Kinuski sitting in front of you. Her beautiful dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and tight skin keep drawing your attention. May as well take a few quick pictures to send to your friends. Kinuski is reading a book but can't help but notice you staring at her and using your phone. No need to talk about it. Kinuski is a confident woman and goes directly for what she wants. She pulls your pants down and tastes your cock. She communicates through her eyes that she wants a hard fuck. Kinuski wants to feel your cock down her throat and pussy. She doesn'twant a gentle fuck but rather something that will get her off and push her to her limits. Are you up to the challenge?

Featuring: Kinuski Kakku

Categories: Blowjob and Boy Girl