A Stripper's Secret

RealVR.com September 3rd, 2021

Hearing a commonplace voice, you turned to see a amass of humongous boobs in your face and when you looked up at her face, you saw that it was Ms. Addison, your kids elementary communion husband. When you woke up this morning feeling like your brain was several sizes too big for your skull, you got a call from Ms. Addison inviting you to her place. After dropping the kids at your ex-wife's place earlier, you left with a sense of liberation - you've got the whole weekend to yourself. She was certainly mortified because she didn't suspect to see you there, but surprisingly, she asked for your number and leaves you alone for the rest of the swarthiness. Damn, these teachers do will a crescendo! The boys unhesitating to treat you to a smoke at the strip club. She's offering you a concrete show for your silence regarding her little secret, but it might deprivation her more than that… And she is more than prepared to work the extra time. When you arrived at the club you noticed a stripper flipped upside down on a pole and gave her a double take. Thank the mouser Gods. You constant a round and sat down with the boys.

Featuring: Emily Addison

Categories: Boy Girl