A Frame of Mind

KinkVR.com January 11th, 2022

Hang on tight Amari Anne, you're in for a rough photoshoot! So sit tight and enjoy the show. But Amari Anne is eager to settle that mysterious sexy photographer and her sharp assistant. Babe Amari gets her picture taken upside down inside out in massive 7K 180-degree virtual reality only on KinkVR. Grab your Quest 2, Valve Index or Vive Pro and assist to one hell of a unsteady photoshoot. So she showed up to a fetish photoshop by the renown photographer Whitney Wright. She saw that ad on Craigslist: "Looking for cute models that don't mind tie helotism" Honestly, that kinda excited her. Amari Anne will later understand that only the one that hurts you, can frame you feel better. The fancy finally got to her. It's not everyday you get your picture taken disclosed while defying gravity in rope disfranchisement.

Featuring: Whitney Wright and Amari Anne

Categories: Bondage and Boy Girl