A fresh start in the new year! While at a dull New Year's Eve party, you're thinking about the stupid resolution you should make for yourself. How about more meaningful relationships and fewer one-night stands? A very attractive woman across the room gives you the looks just as you've come to your senses. Okay, the D is what she wants. However, hold on... climax: she's giving her pal, who is virgin, a first-time fuck. Is this what you're hearing? Really, are you going to start the year with her V-card in a foursome? Holy moly. Resolutions are a joke, right? Put on your virtual reality goggles, ring in the new year with style, and give your penis over to those three nymphos.

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Arabelle, a cock-bitch, is playing with her stepping stool, a cherished piece of furniture. She believes that the cock-bitch deserves to be trapped like her, and she uses her gleaming latex feet to encase her in a plastic wrap. Mistress Mona Wales, with her impeccable taste, selects the perfect feet pet for the cock-bitch, who has been desiring fresh meat for a long time. The scene highlights the humiliation and desire for fresh meat, as the cock-bitch is punished for their appearance.